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Enrolling users in an enterprise license
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As an SCloud Administrator, you can invite users to enroll under any enterprise licenses you manage. This allows a user to create their own Zerify SCloud account which they can use to sign in to Zerify Defender on their PC/Mac.


First, obtain the Enroll Code for your enterprise license. You can find this on the Enterprise Licenses tab in the Zerify SCloud Administration portal (


Next, manually send the Enroll Code as well as the following enrollment link to the user(s) you wish to invite:


When a user visits the enrollment page, they will be asked to enter the enroll code and their email address. After doing so, they will receive a confirmation email similar to the following:



The email contains a Finish SCloud Registration button/link the user must use to set a password for their account.


The email also contains download links for Zerify Defender for both Windows and macOS.

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