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Using the Zerify SCloud User portal
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The Zerify SCloud User portal allows you to manage any licenses associated with your Zerify SCloud User account, as well as any devices activated on those licenses.


You can log in to the Zerify SCloud User portal via the following link:


User License Management


Once you have logged in, you will be brought to the User License Management page which will list all licenses associated with your SCloud account as seen in the example image below:



Each license in the list will display some information such as its associated Profile Name and the number of devices currently activated on the license. To view additional details about the license, click the Details / Manage button which will bring you to the Profile Details page as seen in the example image below:



From here, you can edit the Profile Name (nickname) for this license profile and view some additional details such as the license's purchase and expiration dates. You can also view all devices which currently have Zerify Defender activated with this license, with the ability to deactivate a specific device/installation using the Deactivate button.


Warning: The Delete Profile button will permanently remove this license profile from this Zerify SCloud account. Only perform this action if you do not intend to use this license again, or if you need to register the license to a different Zerify SCloud account.

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