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How to record a meeting
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To start a recording, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be the meeting creator or a moderator.
  • You must be using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


Hover your mouse over the Zerify Meet window to reveal the toolbar, then click the record button:



In the instructional dialog that pops up, click the "Start recording" button:



Your browser will then prompt you to choose what to share. Select "Chrome Tab" or "Microsoft Edge tab", then select the Zerify Meet tab to record and ensure the "Share tab audio" box is checked, then click the "Share" button:



The recording should now be in progress. You can verify whether a recording is currently in progress by looking for the red "REC" badge at the top of the meeting window (to the left of the meeting name). The record button in the toolbar will also turn red, letting you know there is an active recording in progress.


Please note that when you start a recording, all other meeting participants will receive a consent dialog in which they must click "I consent".


Lastly, you can stop a recording by clicking the "Stop sharing" button at the top of the meeting window, or by clicking the record button in the toolbar again:



Depending on your browser settings, it will either automatically save the recording file or prompt you to save the file. All recordings are saved as WebM (.webm) files which can be played using a media player with WebM support such as VLC.

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